Computer Anti Virus

Keep your computer safe and working smoothly

Computer viruses are nasty pieces of code that can wreak havoc on your PC, and even render it unusable. Like many PC users you are likely familiar with anti-virus: the programs that help protect your computer from infection by computer viruses. While it has become common to have an anti-virus protection running on your PC, there is something to watch out for.
Computer Anti-virus
The first thing is performance – many anti-virus programs slow down your machine significantly. City Audio Visual has highly qualified anti-virus experts that can speed up your anti-virus. We tune our own PC’s and we would love to help you get the most speed from your computer.

We have an experienced team of computer diagnostic and repair technicians. They can remove the antivirus from your computers effectively with the help of specialized tools.

If you think your computer has a virus, don’t delay! Call us today to make sure your computer and data are safe.