Structured Cabling

Maximize the performance of your network

At City Audio Visual, we provide our clients with only top notch structured cabling installation that adheres to all international standards.

Cable Setup

Technological advancements have allowed us to change the way we communicate by giving us quicker, easier and more sophisticated options but as a result, the days of reliable telecommunication being a luxury are now long gone. Today, telecommunications networks are an integral part of almost every business and institution and are typically the basic infrastructure for many day to day business functions.
The backbone to any telecommunications network is the cabling and structured cabling is the best option for maximizing the performance of your network. Structured cabling, by definition, consists of a number of standardized smaller elements that create a telecommunications cabling infrastructure; in other words, it is an organized system of wires that power and connect these essential networks. A properly designed structured cabling system will provide a high performance, quality infrastructure that is easily maintained and modified.

Whether your organization is a government office, corporate business or educational institution, we understand how network downtime can impact your business processes, productivity and even cost you money. Improperly set up cabling systems are the main cause of around 70 percent of all service calls, but with a well-designed, structured cabling system you can eliminate a large portion of this downtime.
Structure Cabling Service

At City Audio Visual, we provide our clients with only top notch structured cabling installation.

Our work adheres to the standards set out in the Category 5 specifications of the Telecommunications Industry Association/Electronic Industries Association-568-A standard for commercial buildings as well as those defined by the Canadian Standards Association. Our highly skilled staff has the experience to design and install a comprehensive system, including:

  • Entrance facilities
  • Backbone Raceways
  • Horizontal Raceways
  • Entrance Wiring Closet
  • Floor Wiring Closet
  • Entrance Wiring Closet
  • And more

Whether your system needs a modification, a repair or a complete overhaul we will work with you to plan, design and implement a structured cabling system that will meet your current needs and also be conducive to future growth and development.